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Yamunaji Na 41 Pad Pdf 15

Yamunaji na 41 Pad: A Devotional Hymn to the River Goddess

Yamunaji na 41 Pad, or Shri Yamunaji ke 41 Pad, is a collection of 41 verses composed by Shri Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushti Marg, a Hindu sect that worships Lord Krishna as the supreme deity. The verses are dedicated to Shri Yamunaji, the personification of the Yamuna river, who is considered as the consort of Lord Krishna and the mother of all devotees. The verses describe the name, form, qualities and pastimes of Shri Yamunaji, and express the love and devotion of the poet towards her.

The hymn is recited daily by the followers of Pushti Marg as a part of their worship. It is believed that by chanting the name of Shri Yamunaji, one can attain her grace and blessings, and ultimately reach the abode of Lord Krishna. The hymn also praises Shri Vallabhacharya as the guru who reveals the secret of Shri Yamunaji to the devotees.


The verses are written in Braj Bhasha, a dialect of Hindi that was spoken in the region of Braj, where Lord Krishna performed his childhood pastimes. The verses are rich in poetic imagery and metaphors, and convey the beauty and glory of Shri Yamunaji. The verses also reflect the philosophy and theology of Pushti Marg, which emphasizes the path of grace (pushti) and love (prem) over other means of liberation.

The hymn is available in various formats, such as books, audio CDs, online videos and PDF files. One such PDF file is titled "yamunaji na 41 pad pdf 15", which contains 15 pages of the hymn with its meaning in Gujarati. The PDF file can be downloaded from [this link]. The file also contains a brief introduction to Pushti Marg and Shri Vallabhacharya.

Yamunaji na 41 Pad is a beautiful and sublime hymn that expresses the devotion and admiration of a poet towards his beloved river goddess. It is a treasure for all those who seek to experience the divine love of Lord Krishna and Shri Yamunaji.


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