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Christmas Bloody Christmas

Christmas slashers can sometimes be hard to come by, but this year, filmmakers seem to be pumping them out. From writer and director Joe Begos, Christmas Bloody Christmas provides the holiday season with bloody horror. The film feels like Silent Night, Deadly Night meets The Terminator, which for some people will be movie heaven. While usually entertaining with an intriguing villain, the movie never develops its story as much as it needs to truly succeed. In many ways, the film is mindless horror, but it is effective despite being light on story.

Christmas Bloody Christmas

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Thankfully after the killer Claus finishes with the neighbours the film finds its footing and finally becomes the mashup of Silent Night Deadly Night and The Terminator we were hoping for with several fast-paced and bloody kills and an attack on a police station that leads to a final confrontation that takes the film out on a high note. Even if it does crib several of its best moments from the far superior Hardware.

despite how shallow his pastiches are begos has been just skating by for me on the basis of his solid neon synth 16mm and pretty impressive practical gore. but i gotta be honest taking this premise as tonally seriously as he does (i guess he thinks he's doing the terminator?) and how bad he is at writing characters having hangout movie conversations is really starting to stretch how far that skill alone will take him. despite a few decent low-budget fiery chase setpieces and heads split in half by axes when it finally kicks in it really does start to get unimaginative after awhile and really run out of steam when he comes back for the 4th and 5th time. as far as santa killing spree movies go i think i'll stick with the legit travis bickle perversity of something like christmas evil over the faux-retro vibes of this.

When one conjures up thoughts of Christmas, bloody murder and gore are not the first things that come to mind. There is nothing sweet or magical about such musings. However, winter wonderland backdrops and sugar-coated themes are no longer the only things that inspire mirth. With the advent of the festive slasher, things have changed. And who says change isn't a good thing?

Nevertheless, the director's rendering of Black Christmas would set up a genre of bloody festive entertainment for years to come. And over the years, the holidays have not been without a few festive slashers, including Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa's Slay, Krampus, Don't Open Till Christmas, and Saint. And given the continued development of such content, it is undeniable that this niche genre has a massive fandom. And as a highlight for these fans is the news of the release of the newest holiday hack and slash. Fans can now relish in delight that there is yet another film to pique their interest, Christmas Bloody Christmas. 041b061a72


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