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Jak X Combat Racing

Jak X: Combat Racing (known simply as Jak X in Europe, Africa and Australia) is a 2005 vehicular combat video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 console. It is the fourth installment in the Jak and Daxter series and the final game in the series to be produced by Naughty Dog. The plot follows protagonist Jak and his allies who, after having been poisoned, must partake in a championship of the fictional sport of "combat racing" in an effort to obtain an antidote.

Jak X Combat Racing

The gameplay differs from previous installments in the series, focusing on arcade racing rather than action-adventure gameplay. However, the driving mechanics of the game were modeled after the previous entry in the series, Jak 3. Furthermore, Combat Racing was the first Jak and Daxter game to feature a multiplayer mode, with the second being Daxter. In 2017, the game was re-released for the PlayStation 4, alongside Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3.

During the gang's racing, Keira acts as their primary mechanic, eventually building faster new vehicles to aid Jak in his races. However, her true wish is to race alongside her friends but Samos forbids it due to the dangerous nature of the competition. Sig also appears to assist the crew, whereas Kleiver appears to challenge Jak with a friendly rivalry. Pecker manages to become a co-announcer working with TV personality and star GT Blitz. He also works as an investigative reporter for the shady goings-on in the syndicated racing event.

As the final race approaches, GT Blitz enters as a mystery racer for Mizo's team. Keira finally jumps into the race as well. Jak completes and wins the Kras City Grand Championship. Blitz angrily storms over to Rayn claiming she cheated before revealing himself to be Mizo. After being subsequently exposed by Pecker, Mizo then steals the antidote and drives off with Jak in pursuit. Jak manages to damage Mizo's car enough that he ends up in a fiery crash. As Jak retrieves the antidote, Mizo mentions his father's "sick" love of racing and how his father's neglect to his family in the name of the sport caused his family to strive to own all of it, to the point that Mizo murdered his father. As Jak walks away, Mizo takes a shot at Jak by noting his habit of "Leaving people to die," referencing when Jak left Krew to die in Jak II and left a deceased Damas behind in Jak 3. Jak responds with "You get used to it," before Mizo's car explodes, killing him.

Jak X: Combat Racing received "generally favorable reviews", according to review aggregator Metacritic.[4] GameSpot gave the game 7.9/10 praising the game's graphics and online multiplayer system while criticizing the game's difficulty in certain modes.[7] Eurogamer rated the title 7/10. They were impressed by the game's sensation of speed, the variety provided by the different modes and the online functionality but thought it suffered from the occasional difficulty spike and "loose, floaty handling" of the vehicles.[5] IGN thought that the game was "a nicely presented, well-rounded combat racer" which benefited from a strong storyline and multiple play modes which made it good value. It was given an 8/10 overall score.[9] It was later added to the Sony's Greatest Hits section.

Jak X: Combat RacingDeveloperNaughty DogPublisherSony Interactive EntertainmentRelease datePlayStation 2NA October 18, 2005EU November 4, 2005PlayStation 4NA December 6, 2017EU December 6, 2017GenreVehicular combatModesSingle player, multiplayerRatingsESRB Teen (T13+)PEGI 12+PlatformsPlayStation 2PlayStation 4PlayStation 5MediaDVD ROMDigitalPreceded byJak 3Followed byJak and Daxter: The Lost FrontierJak X: Combat Racing (known as Jak X in the PAL regions) is a vehicular combat game, and the fourth installment in the Jak and Daxter series, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and the last to be developed by Naughty Dog, Inc.. It was released October 15, 2005 for the PlayStation 2 console. Official emulation support for the game on PlayStation 4 was added on December 6, 2017, and it was made available to purchase standalone or in a bundle alongside The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3.[1]

Jak X: Combat Racing takes place after Jak 3, and focuses around the dangerous combat racing sport. When Jak, Daxter and his allies are invited by the late Krew's daughter, Rayn, to come to Kras City to read his last will, his last will reveals everyone has been poisoned. In order to obtain the antidote, they must all race and win the Kras City Grand Championship against Mizo, the leader of a rival crime syndicate to Krew. Jak and Daxter therefore join Krew's team as they race for their lives.

The game focuses on arcade racing, a stark contrast from the third person action adventure gameplay of the previous Jak and Daxter releases. The player can drive many customizable race cars, around the race tracks which explore the various locations of the Jak and Daxter world. These cars can collect eco pick-ups to gain an advantage over the other players. The game features many event types outside of standard races, and the player can either play the adventure mode to play through the Grand Championship in the story, or the exhibition mode in which any race driver is available to play any event, in both single player and multiplayer. It was the first installment to include the multiplayer aspect, featuring offline, online, and LAN support.

Jak X: Combat Racing is a vehicular combat game, in which the player controls Jak and Daxter in adventure mode, or one of many racers in exhibition mode, as they drive one of many unlockable and customizable race cars. Cars are driven through one of eleven different race event types.

In adventure mode, the player controls Jak and Daxter as they participate in the Kras City Grand Championship. Here they can unlock vehicles and tracks, as well as advance the plot (told through a series of cutscenes). The Grand Championship is made up of four cups: the Red Eco Cup, Green Eco Cup, Blue Eco Cup, and Yellow Eco Cup. Each cup contains a series of challenges (with different racing events) for each of the four locations (Spargus City, Haven City, Kras City and the Icelands) before two qualifier challenges and a Grand Prix before the player progressed to the next cup.

Set a year after Jak 3, Jak X: Combat Racing explores a larger variety of locations than was seen in Jak II and Jak 3. Much of its story takes place in the previously unmentioned Kras City, a crime-filled city remarked to be even harsher than the dystopian Haven City which Jak and Daxter had become accustomed to. The city is home to the dangerous combat racing sport, the world's most watched sport with two hundred million viewers.

Taking place one year after Jak 3, Haven City has been steadily rebuilt after the defeat of the Dark Makers, Metal Head and KG Attacks. Combat racing became a sport over time in the dangerous Kras City. Jak, Daxter, Ashelin, Samos, Keira, Torn and Sig (who does not attend) receive an invite to the reading of Krew's last will, as does his daughter, Rayn. After offering a toast, Krew reveals in a recording that everyone present has been poisoned with black shade. Krew gives an ultimatum: the only way to obtain the antidote is for everyone to race and win at the next Kras City Grand Championship.

As Jak and friends progress through each race, they find that another crime syndicate led by the mysterious Mizo has it in for Jak. Eventually it is revealed that Krew and Mizo made a deal before the events of Jak 3: both gangs were to make their own racing teams and the loser of the Kras City Championship will submit, making the winner the sole crime family in Jak's world.

Jak X: Combat Racing received mostly positive reviews, with an average of 77.01% from GameRankings[6] and 76/100 from Metacritic.[7] IGN concluded it was a "nicely presented, well-rounded combat racer", but argued the gameplay "can sometimes feel a bit lifeless and often suffers from spontaneous swings".[10] GameSpot praised the graphics, the story, the variety of modes and the online multiplayer, but criticised the artificial intelligence of enemies and noted that the single player can get repetitive when playing for long periods.[9] Eurogamer praised its sensation of speed and variety of modes, calling it an "exceptionally polished game" even if it was "repetitive" and is "not doing anything massively new".[8]

It must be for extreme, that X. This sort of racing is all about the extreme, anyway. It's the kind that involves a totally random arsenal of missiles, mines, electrical zap balls and oil slicks. And if it weren't so extreme it'd probably not be popular.

You'll play them all in the singleplayer game. And often the modes will highlight courses you've already enjoyed. Each track is impressive, visually, but a few suffer from being too plainly decorated, which creates an overwhelming sense of obstruction free tunnel racing. The later courses are far more challenging, but a greater amount of interactivity and life could have really benefited Jak's many swooping banks and wide straight-aways. Then again, the tracks are at least designed in such a way to play well across all applicable modes.

In this game, platforming is out the window and in its place are races set through several franchise-themed courses. The races are heavily dependent on combat and weapons. Weapons range from offensive to defensive. There are several vehicle classes and a variety of customizable functions for the car selections.

They attend Krew's will reading along with Keira, Ashelin, and Torn. It's Krew's own daughter, Rayn, that presents them with a digital recording of the big blob and a drink to be shared before the reading. The digital will of Krew goes on to tell them that he's always wanted to win the Kras City racing tournament, but always failed in the past. He goes on to say that everyone present will be winning that race for him. When everyone refuses. The recording goes on to tell them that what they drank was a slow acting poison. Even his own daughter was inflicted with the poison. The only way to get the cure is to win the tournament, but the team financed by the local crime lord, Mizo, doesn't plan to make this easy for Jak's team. After the tournaments, the announcer, G.T. Blitz was Mizo. He took the antidote and was defeated by Jak. It was revealed that Mizo killed his father and Mizo wanted to own all of racing. Mizo was later killed by his broken car. 041b061a72


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