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International Business Undergraduate

Featured Review: Freshman says Truly one of the best undergraduate experiences out there! Teaching staff, social scene, academic offers outside of the classroom (speaker, events, etc), traditions, and the surrounding area make....

international business undergraduate


Featured Review: Senior says Villanova is an amazing place to call home for your undergraduate years! I have really enjoyed my time here, especially because of the amazing professors who deeply care about their students. Our....

Explore the best colleges with international business degrees. Find the international business colleges that are right for you. This year's rankings have reduced the weight of ACT/SAT scores to reflect a general de-emphasis on test scores in the college admissions process. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

International business is a good match for students who want to develop a transnational mindset and the skills needed for career progression to the highest management levels. To be successful, students must desire a cross-cultural understanding of how global competitive dynamics influence companies throughout the world. Students will benefit from challenging coursework, cutting-edge business knowledge and skills with a strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences. You will also gain global opportunities, cultural awareness and language appreciation. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through study abroad, service learning and internships.

The Seaver College international business program extends a strong foundation in business principles to applications of cross-border commerce in the fields of management, marketing, law, and finance. Combined with a requirement to complete some academic work abroad, an international business graduate will be more experienced to engage in a global world of business.

We prepare international business majors to function in a global economy, by combining training in core business disciplines with international experiences and in-depth courses dealing with cultural, political, economic, and international business fields. Students interested in earning a degree in international business must complete 60 - 61 units plus an additional seven units in general education.

Our undergraduate business administration majors in accounting, business, and international business as well as nonprofit management minors all take a required course called the Service Leadership Project, designed to blend academic study with community service. Students form consulting teams to serve nonprofit organizations by applying business concepts and skills to mutually agreed-upon projects.

The Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative prepares all undergraduate students at Seaver College for a life of service personally and professionally while strengthening the impact of the nonprofit sector in our community.

In this major, you learn about the international aspects of finance, management, marketing, and logistics. You will have a variety of elective courses to expand your global knowledge. In addition, you will complete at least one year of college-level foreign language and will pursue a study abroad experience. Upon completion of this second major, you will be ready to begin your adventure anywhere you choose!

Nearly half of the Chaifetz School class of 2018 made at least one international experience part of their undergraduate education. With business-specific study abroad options ranging from a week to a full semester or more, it's easy to fit global immersion into your business education at SLU.

Before engaging an overseas business associate, students must first understand how their language, communication style, social infrastructure, work attitudes, economy, politics, pace of life, geography and government policies impact their business practice. Students will also learn about exporting, importing, foreign direct investment, foreign licensing, international services and global transactions of products or services.

Students are introduced to the necessary tools to decide on foreign market selections, entry mode strategies, international products customization and global multi-point competitive strategies. In addition, students learn the importance of analyzing the national differences in political, economic, cultural and legal systems.

Before engaging an overseas business associate, students must first understand how their language, communication style, social infrastructure, work attitudes, economy, politics, pace of life, geography and government policies impact their business practice. Students will also learn about exporting, importing, foreign direct investment, foreign licensing, international services and global transactions of products or services. International Business students are strongly encouraged to study abroad and gain first-hand experience through immersion. Options range from a large selection of full-semester destinations to shorter global immersion experiences of one to two weeks.

Benefits of the International Business program also include internship opportunities. International business internships may be completed for credit (up to three academic credits can be approved) and are often paid.

The Department of International Business and the Boeing Institute of International Business support the International Business Club, which provides students with field trips to local international companies such as Nestle, arranges for students to hear from prominent guest speakers, and provides a variety of other special events for club members.

The increasingly global nature of commerce means students majoring in international business have a wide range of career options. Graduates holding a Bachelor of Science in International Business find opportunities at local firms doing business abroad and multi-national companies operating in countries around the world.

International business students receive dedicated career development support from the Chaifetz School's Valerie A. Davisson Career Resources Center and join a global network of 20,000 alumni of the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business. A survey of the Class of 2021 found that 100% of Chaifetz School international business graduates were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation.

To be considered for admission to any Saint Louis University undergraduate program, the applicant must be graduating from an accredited high school, have an acceptable HiSET exam score or take the General Education Development (GED) test. Beginning with the 2021-22 academic year, undergraduate applicants will not be required to submit standardized test scores (ACT or SAT) in order to be considered for admission. Applicants will be evaluated equally, with or without submitted test scores.

Successful businesses need people who think in different ways and offer diverse perspectives and expertise. Find your niche in business and select majors that align with your ideas, talents, and goals.

Studying International Business provides students interested in careers involving the achievement of the international goals of an organization with excellent preparation. International business requires special skills to adapt management methods to the needs of foreign environments. Our International Business students will minor in either a foreign language or intercultural studies to develop the special skills they need. This program prepares students for positions in international divisions of American companies, for careers in the government agencies working in international trade development, for students interested in establishing international businesses, and for careers in international banking. Request InfoApply NowCurriculum

The McAfee School of Business offers majors in Business Administration and Accounting, leading to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Majors in Accounting and Business Administration are required to complete the General Core Curriculum, the B.S.B.A. Specific Core Curriculum, and major requirements as detailed below. Students majoring in Business Administration may not minor in the same area as their concentration. Majors in Economics complete the B.A. or B.S. core instead of the B.S.B.A. core. The student seeking Tennessee Teacher Licensure in business subjects will select an appropriate major and complete the Professional Education Minor; details are shown below under "Teacher Licensure."A minimum grade of C is required in all upper-level courses in the B.S.B.A. specific core. All majors offered through the McAfee School of Business other than the major in Economics require the B.S.B.A. Specific Core consisting of: ACC 211-2; ECO 212; FIN 320; BAD 224; BLAW 321; CSC 105, MAT 114; MGT 310, 311, 318; MKT 328. B.S.B.A. students must select MAT 111 or higher for General Core Math. The Economics major may be earned with the B.A. or B.S.Students pursuing a degree outside the McAfee School of Business and not pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration may not apply more than 31 hours in the areas of accounting, business administration, economics, finance, management, or marketing toward their degree requirements. Such students are cautioned against pursuing multiple minors if the minors will be used to satisfy degree requirements. Students pursuing the Bachelor of Art or the Bachelor of Science and majoring in Economics will only count ECO 211 and ECO 212 of the economics requirements as business hours for the purpose of determining the 31-hour limit Request InfoSchedule a VisitApply Now Excellence-DrivenChrist-CenteredPeople-FocusedFuture-Directed

Take classes in International Financial Management, International Marketing, and International Strategic Management to learn about business in different parts of the world and take electives such as Law in the Global Economy.

Our International Business program allows students to develop and understand business tactics and strategies as they relate to a changing international marketing place. All courses are taught by business professionals in settings that encourage individual excellence and collaborative achievement. Setting this program apart from others is its requirement that students take part in an international experience. Our faculty will help you develop a plan that fits your career goals. Study abroad trips, international internships, and exchange programs in locations such as Brazil, China, Finland, France, Korea, Paraguay, and many other locations are available. 041b061a72


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