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Mairlist 4.2 Crack

mAirList 4.2: A Professional Radio Automation Software

If you are looking for a reliable, flexible and affordable software for your radio station, you might want to check out mAirList 4.2. mAirList is a radio automation software that offers a variety of features and options for small and medium radio stations and ambitious home users. In this article, we will introduce some of the main features and benefits of mAirList 4.2, and show you how to download and install it.


What is mAirList?

mAirList is a software that allows you to manage and play out your audio files and playlists on your computer. It is designed for professional radio broadcasting, but can also be used for personal or hobby purposes. mAirList supports various audio formats, such as MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WMA and more. You can also use Winamp and VST plugins for sound processing and enhancement.

mAirList has a user-friendly interface that can be customized to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from different skins, layouts and colors, and adjust the size and position of the windows and controls. You can also use touch-screen devices or external hardware controllers to operate mAirList.

What are the features of mAirList 4.2?

mAirList 4.2 has many features that make it a powerful and versatile radio automation software. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Playout engine: mAirList has a reliable and flexible playout engine that can handle automation and live assist mode. You can create playlists with drag-and-drop, edit cue points and fades, add metadata and comments, schedule events and commands, insert voice tracks, and more. You can also use the built-in cartwall to play jingles, sound effects, commercials or other short audio clips.

  • Studio integration: mAirList can integrate with your professional studio equipment using various remote control options. You can use serial, parallel, USB or network interfaces to connect mAirList with your mixer, fader start, microphone switch, CD player, etc. mAirList also supports direct remote control for devices from DHD, Lawo, Studer, D&R, Axia, Wheatstone and other protocols like Ember+.

  • Audio library: mAirList has a built-in audio library called mAirListDB that allows you to manage your audio files and playlist logs in a network-enabled database. You can import your audio files from folders or external sources, edit their properties and tags, assign categories and attributes, search and filter them, etc. You can also use mAirListDB to generate playlists automatically based on music scheduling rules or import playlists from third-party scheduling software.

  • Streaming encoder: mAirList has a built-in streaming encoder that can feed Shoutcast and Icecast servers with your audio signal. You can stream in various formats and bitrates, add metadata and cover art, monitor the connection status and listener statistics, etc. You can also use the multi-instance option to run multiple streams from the same machine.

  • Logging: mAirList has a logging feature that can record your audio signal or send information about your playout to external systems or files. You can use the built-in audio logger to make long-term recordings of one or more audio sources in MP3 or WAV format, and access them through a web server. You can also use the REST API with silence detection to integrate mAirList with surveillance systems like Icinga.

  • And much more: mAirList has many other features that make it a complete radio automation solution, such as regionalization, HTTP interaction, scripting, mixdown, multichannel audio, aircheck recorder, MIDI, etc.

How to download and install mAirList 4.2?

If you want to try out mAirList 4.2 for yourself, you can download it from the official website. The download package is the same for all editions (Standard/Advanced/Professional), but you need to activate a license file to unlock the full version. You can activate a 30-day trial license from the license manager built into the software, or buy a license from the online shop.

To install mAirList 4.2, you need to run the setup file and follow the instructions on the screen. You can choose the components and options you want to install, such as skins, languages, plugins, etc. You can also install mAirList as a zip file without using the installer, if you prefer.

After installing mAirList 4.2, you can launch it from the start menu or the desktop shortcut. You will see the main window with the playlist, the player controls, the cartwall, and the toolbar. You can start adding your audio files to the playlist or the cartwall, and play them with the mouse or the keyboard. You can also access the configuration dialog from the toolbar to adjust the settings and preferences of mAirList.


mAirList 4.2 is a professional radio automation software that offers a lot of features and options for radio broadcasters and enthusiasts. It is easy to use, flexible and affordable, and can be customized to fit your needs and requirements. You can download and install mAirList 4.2 from the official website, and activate a trial or a full license to use it.

If you need more information or support about mAirList 4.2, you can visit the official website, where you can find the online wiki, the user manual, the forum, and the contact details. You can also follow mAirList on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

We hope you enjoyed this article about mAirList 4.2, and we encourage you to try it out for yourself. Thank you for reading!


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