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Army Gals Crack Game Download

Army Gals Game Download - A Survival Romance Visual Novel

Army Gals is a game that combines survival, romance, and adventure in a visual novel format. The game was developed by Dharker Studio and released on Steam in 2017. The game follows the story of a troubled teenager who is sent to a retreat for delinquents, where he meets three beautiful but very different young women. Together, they have to survive in the wilderness, facing various dangers and challenges, while also developing their relationships with each other.

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Gameplay and Features

Army Gals is a visual novel, which means that the gameplay consists mainly of reading text and making choices that affect the outcome of the story. The game has multiple endings, depending on the choices made by the player. The game also has exploration gameplay, where the player can interact with different objects and events in the environment. The game has a dynamic and varied story, with different scenarios and twists depending on the player's actions. The game also features a huge array of CG scenes, with some sexual content and nudity in the director's cut version. The game also has trading cards and achievements to unlock on Steam.

Where to Download Army Gals

The game is available for download on Steam, where it costs $14.99 for the base game and $24.99 for the deluxe edition, which includes bonus DLC content such as soundtrack, wallpapers, poker game, and dakimakuras. The game can also be downloaded from other websites such as Junub Games, where it is free to download. However, the quality and safety of these downloads are not guaranteed, and they may not include the latest updates and patches for the game. Therefore, it is recommended to download the game from Steam or other official sources.

Reviews and Ratings

The game has received mostly positive reviews from players and critics alike. On Steam, the game has a very positive rating, with over 200 reviews. The game has been praised for its engaging story, attractive characters, humor, and artwork. Some of the negative aspects of the game include some bugs, typos, and grammatical errors, as well as some unrealistic and clichéd situations. The game has also been criticized for its short length and lack of replay value. Overall, the game is considered to be a fun and enjoyable experience for fans of visual novels and romance games.


Army Gals is a game that offers a unique blend of survival, romance, and adventure in a visual novel format. The game has a captivating story, charming characters, and beautiful graphics that will appeal to many players. The game is available for download on Steam and other websites, but it is advisable to use official sources to ensure quality and safety. The game is a great choice for anyone who likes visual novels, especially those who are looking for some romance and excitement in their games.


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