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Glacier [Frost] 16x

In the instrument measurement period for the Great Lakes, from @ 1835 onward, the highest water level was in 1986 (581 ft above mean sea level) and the lowest was in 1964 (576 ft). Today it is 578.78 ft with 3 inches more projected. Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District. In 22 years Great Lakes water levels have gone from the lowest to highest levels, and now back up to a calculated average for the instrument period. Needless to say, the weather has more to do with the Great Lakes water levels than glacier rebound. Of course, glacier weight rebound may have something to do with the Niagara Escarpment and the plethora of limestone caves previously underwater a while back you can now enjoy if you want on Flower Pot Island in the 5 Fathoms Park at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

Glacier [Frost] 16x

Generally, during glacial periods you have less net energy in the system, both atmosphere, ocean, and the in the expanding cryosphere. You will see lower heat content in the oceans, with colder water expanding towards the equator. This generally leads to a more arid overall climate during glacial periods. The trick is, even though less snow falls with a less moist atmosphere, even much less melts in cooler summers, and so the glaciers advance. 041b061a72


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