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Where To Buy Bartolotta Gift Cards

A Bartolotta gift card can be used as a debit card until the value has been fully redeemed. The card must be presented at the restaurant in order to use it. Gift cards are open value and are available to be loaded with the amount you choose.

where to buy bartolotta gift cards

A Bartolotta eGift is exactly like a Bartolotta gift card. It is an electronic version of our physical gift cards. The same uses and restrictions apply. They can be ordered online and emailed to the recipient.

For individuals and companies interested in purchasing large amounts of Bartolotta gift cards, we can help you tailor your order. Please call our support office at 414-258-7885 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. central time, to speak to someone about this.

Please note: Bartolotta gift cards are not accepted at Bartolotta Catering & Events at The Grain Exchange, Bartolotta Catering & Events at Discovery World, Bartolotta Catering & Events at The Italian Community Center, Cafe La Scala, or any airport location.

The Holiday Bonus is a complimentary coupon that is awarded for every $100 in Bartolotta gift cards purchased during our holiday gift card promotion which is from November 1 through December 31 of each year. It is not a cash gift card, and because it is a promotional coupon, it does have some restrictions for use.

During the months of November and December, you can receive either the Holiday Bonus Coupon for every $100 in gift cards purchased or you can choose to receive Bartolotta Reward points. It is one or the other but not both.

Rather than giving a physical gift, why not give an experience to those on your holiday shopping list (and get something back in return)? The Bartolotta Restaurants are offering a $20 Holiday Bonus for every $100 purchased in gift cards or egifts. You give the gift of a night out at a Bartolotta restaurant, and get a $20 Holiday Bonus to use on a dinner at a participating location in 2022. Some restrictions apply. Buy here.

Court records indicate that McCracken also told a friend that she stole gift cards meant for indigent patients during the holiday season. She used them to purchase food and beverages for parties at her apartment. 041b061a72


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