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Where To Buy Artificial Turf For Putting Green

Add some fun to your backyard with an artificial turf putting green. We offer a variety of high performance putting green turf, chipping and driving mats, as well as golf accessories. Shave a few strokes off your next round and practice like a pro with a backyard putting green from Purchase Green, your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

where to buy artificial turf for putting green


The type of artificial grass you choose must be designed to mimic a real putting green, or all your backyard practice will mess with your short game once you get to a competition on a real golf course.

If the only thing keeping you from making the switch to artificial turf is the absence of the smell of freshly cut grass, MegaGolf got this covered. Our artificial turfs are equipped with EverFresh, a feature that will keep your synthetic grass smelling like you just mowed it way until the afternoon.

Playgrounds can be dangerous to children as much as it is enjoyable. Make sure that your kids are protected whenever they run around your yard or playground with MegaPlay. Our development team seamed in layers of cushion within the artificial turf to lessen the impact of falls and reduce the risk of injuries.

There's nothing more adorable than seeing our furry friends enjoy their time outside. However, nobody likes a yard that smells like dog or cat poo. Erase those smells and other future worries with MegaPet! Not only does our artificial turf have odor-canceling properties, but it can also withstand constant foot traffic whenever you play with your beloved pooch or feline.

When it comes to real golf performance, no one does it better than SYNLawn and Dave Pelz. All SYNLawn golf products have been tested, analyzed, and developed to perform as close to a natural golf course putting green as possible. World renowned teaching professional, best-selling author, and golf researcher Dave Pelz has been working with SYNLawn for over five years to bring you the very best golf putting system for real golf performance and real golf improvement.

Each of these offers a different putting green experience, so we recommend thinking carefully about what you want from your installation first. Feel free to call us if you have questions about selecting artificial grass for your putting green!

Shock pads are not necessary for the best putting greens, but foam padding can significantly improve other types of turf installations, such as a playground. A shock pad helps absorb impact from trips and falls, makes the surface softer to walk on and gives the installation a beautiful finish.

A lot! Some golf features you can add to a DIY putting green are sand traps, water hazards, bunkers and hills. In particular, the following DIY features can be made with just a little effort on your part:

In areas facing significant weather challenges, ranging from high heat and frequent drought to the opposite extremes, some golf courses are beginning to replace at least some of their putting greens with artificial turf.

Buying synthetic grass for your Santa Clarita home is being water smart. With artificial turf you no longer need to worry about watering your yard all year for that naturally beautiful green look, no matter how hot or sunny the days get.

Purchase beautiful residential fake grass for your Santa Clarita home and start seeing savings. Artificial turf requires no regular watering, reseeding, resodding, weeding, or mowing. It is also safe for children and pets so the whole family can enjoy the new green space.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, but it is also one of the most difficult to answer. The design, materials and professional installation of Tour Greens synthetic putting green generally costs anywhere from $15 to $40 per square foot depending on the 7 Key Factors listed below.

While putting greens on the PGA Tour measure about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, one can typically practice their entire short game on a green that is a fraction of this size. Most Tour Greens installations are over 1,000 square feet, but we have built greens of all sizes. Here are some general pricing guidelines.

As one would expect, designing a tour-quality putting green can be a relatively complex task. Our designers need to not only consider how to design the base and ensure proper drainage, but putting greens that simulate those on the tour typically have design features that require training and experience to create.

Given this, the cost of a typical putting green can vary a bit depending on how complex the design of the green is and what skill level is required to create it. At Tour Greens, our designers and dealers not only have extensive training and experience, but we are also the exclusive partner of Arnold Palmer Design Company.

One of the key benefits of a Tour Greens putting green is that you can practice all aspects of your short game as the greens are designed and constructed to mimic the performance of a green on the PGA tour. Given this, many people will opt to outfit their green with multiple cuts of fringe and fairway turf so that they can practice all types of shots.

While many of our customers start out looking for a backyard putting green, it only takes a few minutes looking through our portfolio of work before they start inquiring about bunkers, tee boxes, dry creeks, water hazards and other cool features. These may not affect the cost of the green, but they do have an impact on the cost of the entire project.

The Tour Greens secret to creating a high-quality, synthetic putting and chipping green is the installation process. Our staff and dealers undergo extensive training to master Tour Greens design and installation techniques.

While our installation process is typically more thorough and time consuming than others, it allows us to create greens that truly simulate the look, feel and appearance of natural grass greens along with durability and low-maintenance associated with a synthetic turf green.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project with one of our professionals. Or, if you are looking for a lower cost option, visit XGrass to learn more about our modular, DIY putting green kits.

Many athletic fields have made the switch to synthetic turf as a way to save on maintenance costs of a turf field and a backyard putting green can at least make having synthetic turf a little more fun. ProGreen Synthetic Turf Systems estimates that a 2,500-square foot synthetic lawn will pay for itself in three to five years.

Synthetic turf can mimic the challenges of putting on the green during a round by building the break into the design. Some companies use a concrete base for putting greens while others use a limestone and sand base.

A putting green can run between $15 to $25 per square foot, according to Tour Greens, a synthetic turf company, though that price can vary depending on how extensive the project will get. To get a better idea of the process, you can check out our tips on artificial turf grass installation.

Tour Greens recommends that in the first month of installing its putting greens that they be brushed and rolled four times, then twice in the second month and as needed following that. More top dressing and infill will need to be added periodically to keep it rolling as it should. For faster speeds it should be rolled more frequently.

The United States Golf Association posts its recommendations for putting green construction for those who like to do a thorough study of things. Check out the guide and buff up on drainage systems for the backyard.

The first step that needs to be taken is to remove all debris and trash from your artificial turf putting green. Whether it be pet waste, leaves, or branches, no stone should be left unturned during your cleaning process. While seemingly a mundane task, doing so can help ensure that your synthetic turf remains clean and hygienic.

Once all of the debris and trash are out of the way, spray your artificial turf with your garden hose. The goal of this is to wash off all of the dirt, dust, and pet waste that has accrued over time. While artificial turf and its properties do a good job of preventing any odors from arising, this step is especially useful for making sure that the smell of any urine or waste that your furry companions have left does not become too noticeable.

Not only does infill play an important role in allowing you artificial turf putting green to preserve a nice feel, but it also does maintain its bounciness that resembles that of natural grass. We recommend that you regularly check up on your infill to see if everything is as it should be. If you suspect that something is wrong or have any questions regarding your infill, reach out to synthetic turf professionals who can provide the answers that you need.

Overall, following these simple suggestions will ensure your turf always looks and performs its best for years to come. We recommend these activities for all types of turf in addition to putting greens.

A sand filled putting green requires a little extra care and attention to maintain a smooth putting surface, maximum performance, and ball response. To keep your putting green in the best shape possible, we recommend the following:

If you can make the investment, we would suggest purchasing a turf roller. Rolling out the putting green surface when needed will help adjust the speed of the green. If you notice a change in the speed of the ball roll, simply roll out the green on a sunny day to speed it back up. You can also ddd sand to the green before rolling it. You can add additional sand if you see any new bare spots. There are a couple different types of rollers you can purchase:

If you are not wanting to make the investment or take the time to get your own roller, no fear, you can contact us for annual or biannual putting green maintenance. Our warranty does not cover this service.

Your new backyard putting green has been engineered to provide many years of service. This also includes the installation materials and methods used during the installation. It is important to repair any minor damage immediately because a small problem could possibly grow into a major repair. Once or twice a year, your surface should be given a careful and thorough inspection. ProGreen also offers turf maintenance programs annual or biannually. These services include inspection your turf, clean debris from it, top off the infill, and power broom as necessary. 041b061a72


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