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Ice Road (2021)

In THE ICE ROAD, Mike (Liam Neeson) is a truck driver who is once again between jobs after defending his mechanic brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas), an Iraq veteran who struggles with PTSD and aphasia, from bullies. Meanwhile, due north and roughly 400 miles below the Arctic Circle, one of the Katka Diamond Mine tunnels has exploded, leaving several miners trapped and struggling to stay alive. It's also April, and most of the men who are "Ice Truckers" are either spending their hard-earned winter money in sunnier climes, or else don't want to risk driving across ice that's likely to crack and open up, which is why many truckers consider these drives to be "suicide missions." Unwilling to leave Gurty in a VA Hospital when he sees that the doctors only want to keep him drugged and numb, Mike sees the alert asking for ice truckers willing to deliver the supplies needed to rescue the miners. He meets with Jim (Laurence Fishburne), another ice trucker working for the mining company who wants to rescue his friends, and soon Mike and Gurty are hired to join the mission. They're joined by Tantoo (Amber Midthunder), a skilled truck driver when she isn't in jail protesting White encroachment on Native American lands, whose brother Cody is one of the miners. They're also joined by Varnay (Benjamin Walker), a seemingly straitlaced actuary for the company. In three semitrucks each carrying the same cargo needed to rescue the miners, these five begin the journey north. Soon, they learn that not only are the roads dangerous, but there's also a conspiracy at work -- one involving the executives of the mine. Somehow, Mike and the others must find a way to get to the mine before the miners die from lack of oxygen, and they must also reveal the conspiracy behind the explosion that trapped them in the first place.

Ice Road (2021)

This edge-of your-seat action tale is taut and suspenseful from beginning to end. In The Ice Road, Liam Neeson, in what may be his last action movie, plays Mike McCann, a North Dakota trucker who bounces from job to job primarily because he's trying to keep his brother Gurty from getting into trouble. Desperate for work and wanting to keep Gurty out of a VA Hospital where he'll be numb and drugged by uncaring doctors, Mike decides to apply for a job other truckers consider to be a "suicide mission" -- a delivery of needed supplies to trapped miners that requires driving along melting "ice roads" in April. From the moment the trucks leave to make the journey north to the diamond mine, the action is unrelenting, with some enjoyable (if not altogether unsurprising) plot twists along the way.

The show wasn't just a hit in the US but also featured on British network Channel Five and other broadcasting stations around the world. The true heroes in this show were the cast who were grazing through those chilly trucking journeys with vigor. Over the course of the show, 27 different drivers were featured, but they were a few who really struck a chord with audiences. These are the drivers who ended up being featured the most regularly, so they're the ones we're going to tell you about. The show winded up a long time back, but we check up on the cast of Ice Road Truckers and see what they are up to today.

Driving on icy roads for the first time as a teenager, Hugh Rowland, nicknamed 'The Polar Bear' due to his attitude and stamina, had a wealth of experience behind him when he was recruited for the show and featured in seasons 1-8. In 2014, when being driven by one of the show's producers, Hugh was involved in a horrific accident when the car veered off course and collided with a tree.

Dewey is a late-comer in the series as he joined Ice Road Truckers in the seventh season. He is a true-blue trucker, and like the rest of the cast, fame didn't get the best of him. He is most likely gulping down miles on the road, as he loves trucking.

But in 2019, he was in a serious road accident. No one from the vehicle that he crashed into, survived. But after an investigation, Dewey was let go of charges as he wasn't at fault. Todd Dewey is reportedly worth around $500,000, but he doesn't like to flaunt the fame.

Ice roads are long stretches of frozen bodies of water that are traversed through the winter periods in the coldest regions of North America by truckers to deliver equipment. The roads are treacherous, and the job is oftentimes described as a suicide mission. So naturally, Netflix had to make a film about it. The Ice Road is a Netflix original film directed by Jonathan Hensleigh, and starring Liam Neeson (Mike), Laurence Fishburne (Goldenrod), Marcus Thomas (Gurty), Amber Midthunder (Tantoo), and Benjamin Walker (Varnay).

The oil and gas industry and other entities performing exploration or drilling work require thicker, more well-maintained ice roads specifically because the work they do requires larger, heavier equipment.

Prep work for ice road construction, however, begins several months before the required conditions set in. In October or November crews monitor snowfall to determine when it reaches the appropriate depth and then share that information with the DNR, Osborne says.

Roads are built in segments, with crews and equipment placed strategically at different points along the path, Osborne says. With potential weather delays factored in, he estimates it takes three days to build one mile of road.Cruz ConstructionA good portion of that work involves smoothing irregularities in the tundra and creating a level surface. Crews use snow and ice chips to fill uneven spots and create a level building surface.

Although the materials and building conditions needed to build an ice road are unique, the equipment is more or less the same as that used to build asphalt or gravel roads, albeit with some modifications to suit the terrain.

To further decrease the potential for adverse environmental effects, ice roads must be built in different locations every season (with a very few exceptions). Any damage sustained is typically minimal and quickly disappears.

The agency said that while North Tarrant Express Mobility Partners Segment 3 had pretreated the southbound lanes of I-35W 44 hours earlier with a liquid brine solution, crews checking the road about 45 minutes before the crash didn't recognize that the elevated portion of the interstate where the crash occurred needed additional de-icing treatment.

This is the second year for the toll ice road that lets people bypass a trip into Canada, or a ride by plane or snowmobile, to reach the Northwest Angle resort community. The area is known for its ice fishing.

A roundtrip pass to use the ice road costs $250 per vehicle. Henry said the endeavor needs that much to break even, given an estimated cost of $1,500 per mile for plowing and other upkeep from now through mid-March, weather-dependent. Crews maintaining the ice road reported Sunday that high winds were causing low visibility and drifting across the route.

As a little background, ice roads are exactly what they sound like. They are roads that are naturally or artificially built on frozen rivers, lakes, or layers of ice in the northernmost regions of the world. Not all roads that ice road truckers drive on are built on frozen water, but many of them are. In North America, ice road truckers work primarily in Alaska and northern Canada. The ice road season is short, and the roads are always heavily maintained during the season. Ice road drivers use these roads to deliver loads to places that only trucks can reach.

One of the top reasons that ice road truckers get into the job is for the pay. The season is only a few months long, but the pay can be very good from a reputable company. Drivers report earning anywhere from $20,000 to $80,00 during the season.

Home time is another big draw for drivers considering taking a job on the ice roads. Because the season is so heavily dependent on the weather, most jobs run from about mid-January to mid-March. After those two months, drivers can decide how to spend the rest of their year. For some, that might mean time to look for other driving jobs in the off-season. Others might simply want more time at home to balance the time away during the season.

No one will deny that ice road trucking is a dangerous job. That said, there are many safety measures and regulations in place to protect drivers. Ice road trucking companies perform strict maintenance on the ice roads, regularly inspect the equipment, and carefully train drivers. The stakes are high when incidents occur, but employers are extremely attentive to driver safety.

One of the biggest cons of ice road trucking is also one of the most obvious. The job comes with high levels of risk. All truck drivers have moderate levels of risk based on the amount of time they spend behind the wheel, but the bar is especially high for ice road drivers. Weather runs the show, and whiteouts, avalanches, and frigid temperatures can cause issues that range from moderately problematic to fatal.

Because temperatures are so cold where ice road truckers run, breakdowns can be much more than a minor inconvenience. It can be very dangerous to be in the exposed weather conditions for any amount of time, and the stopped time can wreak havoc on your truck. A golden rule of ice road trucking? Do NOT turn off your engine. The cold can quickly compound any problems with your rig. Also, keep emergency and other supplies in your truck. Now, many companies send trucks out in teams to keep drivers safe.

Unsurprisingly, cell service is very limited in the vast snowy north where ice road truckers haul. That means the drivers have little to no social communication or company contact while on the road. Drivers must be self-sufficient, independent, and confident in their ability to make repairs on the road.

The turnover in new drivers makes drivers with experience are particularly valuable to employers. Employers are looking for drivers who have a clean road record as well as experience driving in blizzard conditions. If that sounds like you, make sure you do your research, find a reputable company, and ask lots of questions before you sign a contract before you head north. 041b061a72


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