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HOW TO €? Build Your Own Cat Teleporter

Updated for Apartment Life. Other tenants and your roommate will not be included with "Visitors" but you can still choose them individually for zapping or making selectable. New expanded "Make me a..." submenu has all the standard game families to choose from, although they are not necessarily all good places to send your Sim.

HOW TO – Build your own cat teleporter

"Change model" option on teleporter will change first to a hydrangea, then to a doormat (which takes original colours of mat but will show cat in design mode thumbnail) then back again to cat. Remember, the cat is also recolourable. TELEPORTER FOR PETS (no overrides) - different GUID from previous teleporters so you can use them all.Updated 10th November 2008 to allow adoption in and out of teens

Controller and attendee token in the zip. Enroll one Sim (any type or age) per token. When you enroll each one, the sim should appear by their token and put their picture on the front of it - but the picture appearing will probably require you to have Uni. The meeting will not have started at this point even though the sims have arrived. The controller allows you to hide or reveal the attendee tokens for tidiness. "Start meeting" brings each sim who is on a token, and makes them selectable so they think they live there and will not leave in the middle of the meeting. "End meeting" makes the attendees unselectable, so they will go home when they feel like it. "Send attendees home" simply makes their motives red so they don't want to stay, and it ends the meeting at the same time if you had not already ended it. You can also get them to go home after ending the meeting by saying goodbye to "everyone" though this will also make other visitors leave. Send home on the controller only affects enrolled attendees. If you only wanted to get a group of people over to socialise, I advise using "end meeting" as soon as they have all arrived so they will be just visitors. Otherwise they will get their car pools coming, or they will get school grades dropping. If the venue is used for more formal meetings, consider using the institution sign to stop all job and school grade processing If you have babies as attendees, they won't be able to go home afterwards so you will have to either delete them with move_objects, or you can use one of my teleporters to "Clear off" all non-residents. TELEPORTER BASIC Choose a neighbour from the menu, and they appear by the painting. This teleporter does no checking so you can summon any Sim you like, including NPCS. Because of the complications that can ensue by teleporting in an unsuitable candidate (eg dead Sims, or social workers etc), you are strongly advised to back up your game data before experimenting. Suggest using Cat Teleporter in preference if you have Pets or above

These duplicate the functions of the teleporters above, but includes the extra features of moving Sims in to the household (any age or type), or out to become Townies (schoolchildren and above) It will also allow you to put up kids for adoption and adopt children including teenagers! The social worker is not involved with adoptions using this object, but the children she can bring via a normal telephone request will include ones you have put up for adoption. You start by summoning any Sim onto the lot. When they are there you get the additional option to move them in. When they are moved in, if they are teen or younger you get the option to adopt them if you are not already related. The link is formed (you can check the links panel) but they do not show as family in each individual Sim's relationship bar until they have interacted with each other a bit.

When you put a child or baby up for adoption, or when you move a Sim out, they leave your family and gain visitor status, but stay on the lot until you use the shrub to zap them or until they take themselves off when it gets late. It is a good idea to make sure a sim is not interacting with an object when you zap him or the object might get stuck unselectable (if that happens you need the move_objects on cheat)

Use with care because it makes permanent changes to your neighbourhood structure which could impact even on families you were not currently playing. I recommend you try out first on a neighbourhood you don't care about. Always back up your game before trying any new 3rd-party object or patch (no globals)Updated 10th November 2008 to allow adoption in and out of teens AUTO TELEPORTER (no globals) (no globals)

Put this hydrangea on the corner of your lot near the pedestrian portal. Use its menu to select opening and closing time of your business or other daily event, and tell it the maximum number of Sims you'd want on your lot at any one time. Each half hour it will send you a selection of visitors up to your maximum population. Toddlers and babies are not generated at all, and children only between 7am and 7pm.

Nightlife note: Due to a humorous feature Maxis added to NightLife, your customers may fall asleep in their meals at closing time. I may change how this works later (not sure if I will bother seeing as there is a business EP out next), but strictly speaking it is compatible for use.

To teleport light, researchers led by Noriyuki Lee of the University of Tokyo had to destroy it in one place, and re-create it in another. This mirrors the teleportation process on "Star Trek," where transporters scan a person, atom by atom, and dismantle him, only to rebuild the person by configuring a different set of atoms in exactly the same pattern in another place.

Lee and his team accomplished this by linking a packet of light to one half of a pair of entangled particles. They then destroyed the light and the particle it was linked to, leaving only the lone particle of the entangled pair. The remaining particle retains the link with its entangled partner, though, including information about the light, which enabled the researchers to rebuild the light in the exact configuration at the other location.

Character Token 3 - Climb the mansions in the northwest and build four satellite dishes on their roofs (indicated by the by the green numbers on the map above). This will materialize the TV Reporter token in the pond near the mansions.

Character Token 6 - To unlock the Mailman, you'll need to paint three mailboxes red (indicated by the red numbers on the map above). The token will appear on top of the building near the baseball billboard.

Character Token 7 - Climb and traverse the buildings to the southwest, then northwest to reach the tennis court. Drill down through the broken ground here to find the token for the Tennis Player.

Character Token 9 - Climb to the top of the buildings to the northeast and break into the glass room there. Water the plant to reach the roof with the DJ platform. Smash the barrel here and rebuild it into a trampoline to collect the Rapper token.

Character Token 10 - Climb the building near the Red Cafe and cross the tightrope. Continue heading north until you reach the rooftop with a long triangular window on top. Instead of sliding down the next tightrope, head east. Use the catapult here to reach some distant roofs. Cross over them and follow the studs until you find a teleporter which will lead you to the Shaky Harry token.

Character Token 15 - To unlock the Street Racer you'll need to build five bubble gum machines around the water. Smash crates to discover the pieces of the machines, one of them being behind the silver gate to the train station. The token will appear at the point indicated on the map.

Vehicle Theft - From the Red Cafe, head north and traverse the northwest buildings until you reach the tennis court. Drill the broken ground there to find a scan spot for the vehicle robber below.

just tell me how to build a teleporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The ancient rock can be found in a ruined teleporter structure, while the carved runes (except carved rune of power) can be found inside vanilla chests in structures (Dungeons, Mineshafts, Desert Pyramids, etc), uncommonly as a part of the ruined teleporter, and be rarely dropped by non-vanilla Overworld mobs. The carved rune of power is an exception, it must be crafted or traded instead of found.

The player must build the frame to be 5 blocks long and 6 blocks tall, and all of the above listed materials must be present in the portal structure. The Carved Rune of Power has to go in the center spot on the bottom of the portal frame. The rest of the carved runes can go anywhere. The corners are not optional (see diagram below).

Although Stampy has no plan of adding more stops, there are still many chances of adding more in the future. If ever the Downtown area would expand and stretch further away (like the patch of land shown in Episode 200 and 541 which will be covered into buildings), Stampy might have to make another one there. However, right now there seems to be no reason to build another one.

In a deleted video by Stampy, it is shown how the teleporter would work for a normal Lovely World video. First, he enters the teleporter, closes the door, presses a button, and spins around. They then switch to creative mode and fly to one of the teleporters in the Funland. Finally, they both switch back to survival mode, then the helper hides while Stampy enters the teleporter and spins around, so it could be edited later to act as a continuity of the previous spin-around in the first teleporter.


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