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Maverick Sanchez

Pro Bass Fishing 2003: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Playing the Best Fishing Game Ever

In March 2016, I purchased a Mako 19' Skiff from Bass Pro Shops. This boat is designed for shallow water fishing, exactly what I have done for 23 years using my 18' McKee. I took my new boat out fishing that spring and noticed that I could drain a small amount of water from the hull after a fishing trip. I considered this not good, but I was anxious to use the boat and continued to do so. I got used to draining the water and forced myself to think this was some insignificant problem and used the boat thru 2019. I began to see more water draining from the hull. I was now getting 5 gallons on each 6 to 7 hour fishing trip. This fall (2019) I took it to Bass Pro Shop and they found a substantial crack in the hull. They had someone from Mako (I assume, it was Mako) review the hull to see if it was a warranty repair. It was DENIED. They claimed the hull was damaged.

Pro Bass Fishing 2003 Crack

Boat #2 -- After having our new boat for 2 and a half years, I started noticing a little bit of water when I'd pull the plug, but it wasn't much. Lied under the boat and didn't see anything that really stood out as a crack. Took the boat out fishing that summer on a Saturday and almost sank the boat. We stopped to fish an area and when we decided to leave and give the boat gas to get going, hundreds of gallons of water shifted from laying flat in the bottom of the hull, to the back of the boat coming up through the carpet and the existing mounts in the floor for other seats. You can imagine how scary that was, and I happened to have my 9-year old with me that day. We luckily made it back to the launch and upon pulling the boat out of the water, noticed 4 cracks, about 3-4" long and about an eighth of an inch wide up near the bow, and directly next to welds that are very visible, even from the outside of the hull.

When we took it back to the dealership (over an hour away), they recharged the battery, put stabil in the tank (?), and put some cheap epoxy on the cracks! Something I could have done and I'm sure is not to factory specs, and got the trolling motor and fish finder working, and charged me over $100.00 for the "service". It took them a month to do this, not to mention it took three hours of detailing when we arrived home to clean the boat up. They did push (or tried) the rubber back in the tracks... sort of. I was livid about the epoxy issue and have never received a return phone call. That has been two years ago. After many calls to the BPS in Shreveport (2 1/2 hours away), I still have no satisfaction and am stuck with a complete POS boat. I will not take it to the Gulf to go fishing because it leaves me stranded every other time I take it out.

Your inspection should begin with the exterior, as even an untrained eye can notice damage and neglect. The hull should be clean, free of barnacles and algae. Unless you are dealing with a smaller bass boat, cracks and dents are clear warning signs to walk away from the purchase.

The salmon stage along the ledge between Quarry Point and Adams Point prior entering Swan Bay. Both trollers and surfcasters get a crack at the kings then. Chinooks patrol the 100-foot dropoff north to Forty Mile Point, too. Anglers can access deep water very quickly at this port, so the fishery is ideal for someone with a small boat. King salmon ran on the small side during 2003 in Lake Huron, but there were plenty of silvery chinooks, and limits are common. Anglers will find plenty of kings at Rogers City until Oct. 1.


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