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Step 2: Axis deviceThe Axis device validates the request and shares the corresponding SDP file with the video client. Note that in any-source multicast mode, no multicast-specific network parameters are shared. In source-specific multicast mode (SSM), this is different.



While in any-source multicast (ASM) the multicast network parameters are handshaked after sharing the Session Description Protocol (SDP) file during the initial RTSP build-up, this is not the case in the source-specific multicast mode. In SSM, the multicast network parameters are pre-configured in the Axis device and shared with the requesting video client when the SDP file is shared. The benefit of this is that the requesting video client can join a multicast group and only filter for the multicast traffic the video client is interested in. This can be done by applying a source-specific filter when joining the multicast group.

A typical scenario where SSM would be beneficial is when multiple Axis devices would stream video to the same multicast address but would use different ports. A video client connecting via any-source multicast would receive the multicast traffic from all streaming devices, while a video client requesting source-specific multicast would be able to filter out unwanted traffic. On top of that, SSM allows for reliable planning of multicast routing/path-forwarding since it is known how multicast is switched and routed through the network. 041b061a72


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