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I have had the honor of knowing Nichel for almost 30 years and she has always been a joy. Very honest, caring and very passionate about any relationship she had, that she really cared about. It is still an honor being able to say that I know this outstanding Woman of God, but an even bigger honor to have known her grandmother Ms. Estelle Dove and to see and witness the loving relationship that the two of them shared. 

Nichel lived with Ms. Estelle “mama” since before I met her and when you met Chel (is what I call her), Ms. Estelle wasn’t far behind.  Ms. Estelle instilled so many things in Nichel. Especially a caring spirit. Nichel cared for Ms. Estelle and helped her with many daily things that she eventually couldn’t help herself with towards the end of her days here. Chel would assist Ms. Estelle with getting dressed, bathing, preparing meals and medication management as well. Chel did everything from making sure she got to her doctor’s appointments as well as having a reliable trustworthy person to sit with Ms. Estelle when she had to work. She engaged with Ms. Estelle so naturally, as she does with anyone she comes in contact with. 

Chel did whatever it took to make sure Ms. Estelle was taken care of. No matter how big the sacrifice was… without a doubt it was done. I always admired the relationship they had, it was always full of everything you can think of! No relationship is perfect and indeed there were difficult times but the respect and love never EVER lacked. 

- Crystal Meggett-Huntley

As a child I could see that she was different, her demeanor was intense very observant and as she grew I could see the magnetic pull to the elderly. I could see her gravitate toward those who were older, elderly or in need. As a graduate from high school and I wanting her to go to college she chose to put that on the back burner to take care of her grandmother for 3 years and 11 days in her own home. She is CHOSEN!

- Betty Johnson

What a joy it has been to work with Eye of a Dove, Inc personal care services who have been incredibly patient with me and my mom regarding her care. Mom has not wanted to receive assistance outside of the family but Nichel's persistence and patience won her over!  Mom likes to go out and have girl talk and Nichel keeps mom company and me at peace when I cannot be there for her for errands and doctors appointments. 


Nichel really understands the clients she serves and the families that love them dearly. She has made it easier for me to create a healthy work/life balance all while ensuring mom has her most basic needs met. The timing of this relationship was perfect and I am forever thankful for the support as we work together for the benefit of mom. 

-Shannon B.

 I have known and worked with Nichel for about 4 years. The scope of our work has been centered around assisting and transporting the elderly and disabled, whether it was a Doctor’s visit or a trip to the grocery store and everything else in between. I think it is imperative that you have patience and be caring when assisting the seasoned and Nichel displays all of those characteristics. I have watched Chel work from sunup to sundown to ensure our clients' needs were met. She is so giving and selfless. Nichel is truly a jewel.

- Latasha Huntley

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