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Hunter Wood
Hunter Wood

Magicsoft Playout 5 2 10 138

Supported audio codecsDV avi must have the sound uncompressedMpeg2 materials must have the sound as mp2 or PCMMaterials without sound are accepted for playoutSupported sampling rates are : 8000 , 11025 ,16000 , 22050 , 24000 , 32000 , 44100 and 48000 HzBoth 8bit and 16bit and mono and stereo materials can be played

Magicsoft Playout 5 2 10 138

The playout program has a very powerful way to link to the MagicSoft CG (Ultrared) acting as a TCP client to send the metadata associated to each clip to GC.The TCP/IP protocol allows you to control the text or image displayed by a project and can also trigger the projects.


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